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** A/c RG & EM Ford - 28 Angus Cows & Calves **

A well bred line of Angus cows with their 3rd calves at foot. These cows are in their prime, and are to be station mated this week (12th Feb). Forward store condition. All units are usually retained for breeding & fattening, however the current season has not permitted. 
440 - 712kg. Avg 567kg at assessment.  

Asking Price: $1450 for these 3 in 1 units.

Contact Paul Quade: 0429 722 277






▪️Temora/West Wyalong 1st X Ewe Sale - Friday 13th September 2019

▪️West Wyalong Spring Breeders Sale - Wednesday 18th September 2019



Market Comments:

The West Wyalong Livestock Agent’s ‘Feature Lamb & Store Sheep sale’ held on November 7th saw over 15,000 head yarded in weather atypical of a drought – wet and cold! However, stormy conditions certainly didn’t deter local and processor buyers from attending the sale, as well as many travelling from a Southerly and Eastern direction.

Quality of the yarding was mixed with a good portion of excess ewes and new season lambs reflecting the current dry conditions.

Paul Quade, of Quade Moncrieff Livestock & Property, said ‘Young Merino Ewes sold from $137 to $143 per head, while lighter, older ewes sold from $73 - $162’. Mt Mulga Pastoral Company sold the tops of the heavy ewes; 375 NSM head with an April shorn skin, ’14 drop, Laurel Park blood, to Allen Erwin of Ungarie for $171. These heavyweight, large framed ewes were awarded the Coprice sponsored best presented pen for the sheep section of the sale. Lyn Allison, ‘Greendale’ West Wyalong offered two lines of October shorn, Woodpark Poll bld Merino ewes; selling 400 ’17 drop ewes for $143 and 247 ’16 drop ewes for $152 going to Temora and Wagga buyers respectively.

Old Merino Wethers with shorn skins were in short supply, selling approximately 400 head with a price range of $70-$90.

Merino wether lambs were in ample supply with approximately 5,500 head going under the hammer. Large lines of these lambs were offered and were relatively mixed in quality, selling from $32-$80. Mt Mulga Pastoral Co. sold a top line of 970 Merino Wether lambs for $46 while Rob and Emma Ford of ‘Fairview’ Barmedman, offered 550 unshorn, May/June ‘18 drop, One Oak blood Merino wether lambs, selling to Alosis Ag, Hillston for $78. Notably, the Hardie Partnership, ‘Rugby’ Tallimba sold a pen of 230 July/August ’18 drop Merino wether lambs to the Oxenbridge family of Tallimba for $80.

Jamie and Diana Pilon of “Narriah”, Weethalle were awarded the best presented pen of lambs for their well-covered line of 280 Dohne wethers. The pen of May/June 2018, unshorn lambs sold for $114 heading East to Bathurst.

Crossbred lambs were also well supplied, selling from $52 - $150. Peter & Pat Wood, ‘Roloma’ Yalgogrin offered a nice line of 1st X, BL/Merino, May/June ‘18 Ewe lambs topping the XB section at $150. A credit to the vendors, these ewe lambs were sold to the Barnhill family of the Griffith area. The McGee family partnership; Joy and grandson Jayden of ‘Kurnell’ West Wyalong presented another very well bred line of mixed sex XB lambs, May/June ’18 drop, selling for $101 to the Power family, Griffith. Also presenting fresh young lambs to the re-stocker market; Shane and Sandra Widdison, ‘Speedwell’ West Wyalong, sold a smaller line of 2nd X lambs to local buyer, Danny Tulloch for $130 per head.

‘It was a good opportunity for local producers to take advantage of the slightly better conditions in areas South and East of West Wyalong, where the bulk of the stock purchased went to’ said Paul Quade.

Overall, local selling agents Quade Moncrieff, Landmark and Elders were happy with the sale considering it reflected seasonal conditions and are confident there could be another November feature sale in 2019.